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145mm x 145mm Pocket Invitation

Please see images in "Paper/Card/Envelopes" to view the colours of these products! Please note minimum orders will be sent pre-folded otherwise you will receive these items flat packed. The item is longer than a standard a4 sheet to allow for printing. These pocket invitations come with wings to make them easy to essemble!  The pocket is great for putting your RSVP, Wishing Well Cards etc in!

Other colours are available upon request.

Need a quote? Send us an email or give us a call, we are happy to quote you on the colour of your choice.

QTY Product Price
145mm x 145mm Pocket Invitation-Crystal $1.50
145mm x 145mm Pocket Invitation-Onyx $1.80
145mm x 145mm Pocket Invitation-Quartz $1.50
145mm x 145mm Pocket Invitation-Recycled Kraft $1.00
145mm x 145mm Pocket Invitation-Silver $1.50